5 Remedies for Bad Hair Days: When Meds Ruin Your ‘Do

You know the deal. You finally fall in love with a medication, but loathe the side effects. Many of the medications prescribed to those with chronic illnesses can wreak havoc on our bodies cosmetically. Suddenly you’re back to your sweet sixteen with breakouts, or you’re pulling hairy animals from your shower drain.

I can’t change your medications, but I can help share what knowledge I’ve gained from the process.

Dry/Brittle Hair.

Prednisone. Everyone’s least favorite medication. Side effects include roid rage (yes, it’s a real thing), weight gain, food cravings (that lead to weight gain), insomnia, and turning your hair into straw.

How to Battle It:

  1. Grab a deep conditioner. The quickest way to fix a dry spell is to dunk it in moisture. Try Eva Haircare Deep Treatment. Also, make sure you up your water intake. Hydrating your body from the inside out is good for your whole body.
  2. Choose a more nurturing style routine. Cool it on the heat styling if you can and add in a good leave in conditioner (I like its a 10 with Keratin and Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow).

Premature Graying.

I now affectionately call my grays, “my glitter”, because they all seem to have come in around my crown, right in my part and I know it’s time to color when they start to “sparkle” in the light.

How to Battle It:

  1. Add some color. The quickest way to make your hair look healthier is to color it. We aren’t talking highlights. Take this chance to get back to your roots and opt for a single process color close to your natural color. Darker colors give the illusion of healthier, shinier hair. If you color at home, opt for a more delicate developer. I use a 20V designed for sensitive scalps.

Hair Loss.

There is nothing more devastating that can happen to your hair, than losing it. And I’m talking you better get something to catch the animal falling from your head or you’ll be snaking it once a week.

True story. Imuran destroyed my hair. My rheumatologist didn’t believe it was that bad until I showed her these photos of exactly how much was coming out of my head every time I showered. I lost easily 40% of my hair over a year’s time. And it took over a year to stop seeing very noticeable tiny pieces when I styled.

How to Battle It:

  1. Stop the medication. This seems easier said than done, but if you really want to see a difference you have to talk about an alternative with your doctor. I only saw a difference once I switched from Imuran to Humira.
  2. Supplement it. Invest in a good quality supplement with Biotin. I chose Country Life’s Maxi Hair and powdered natural collagen. You’ll see similar results as you would with prenatal vitamins: thicker, stronger hair, better nails and skin.

Read More: A beginner’s guide to supplements.

It can be a long process to regrow, but I promise there are such things as success stories, including mine.

Leave your tips for battling bad hair days in the comments. Sharing is caring. 🙂