How Being A Pineapple Replaced a Spoon

Be a pineapple they said.

Stand tall. Wear a crown. Be sweet on the inside.

The pineapple is the new spoon, and you better take a bite.

The metaphor is becoming popular on social media within the chronic illness community and even as motivation for fitness junkies and lovers of motivational quotes. (You can even buy a journal on Amazon to fully absorb the fruity motivation) So what’s the deal with the pineapple? Let’s break it down.

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Stand tall.

Pineapples stand tall. They stand on their own.  The dense meat and spiky exterior make these guys a perfect representation of never faltering. Standing tall is a metaphor for what you want to be in life. Stand up for what you believe in, whether that is your religion, your rights, your political views, or even to justify spending an entire weekend bingeing on Netflix.

The pineapple says, do not ever let anyone put you down. You are worth more than you will ever know. Be an advocate. Stand up for yourself, and stand up for anyone else who needs it. Live your life with inner strength, physical strength, pride in yourself, dignity and decorum.

Wear a crown.

If you never noticed that pineapples spiky tops look like crowns, you will now. They wear it proudly.

I’m not sure wearing a crown every day is really appropriate, (darn those office dress codes). But you should remember that you deserve to be treated like the prince or princess that you are. You deserve respect, happiness and love. While you might not literally go around wearing a crown every day, you should always remember that you deserve to be treated like royalty. That means respect, happiness and love. Don’t settle for anything less. Chase your dreams, guard your heart and know your worth.

Be sweet on the inside.

The outside of a pineapple can be described in a plethora of ways. Beautiful, rough, hard, bright, tough. The list is endless. But just by looking at a pineapple, you can’t see everything it has to offer. The outside isn’t what matters; it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Just as this is true for pineapples, it’s also true for people. Be genuine. Be nice to people. Life is all about showing love, being kind, and bringing joy into the world. Be sweet on the inside. Let your light shine. Show the world all the amazing qualities that you have to offer.

The world would be a better place if we could all just remember to be like pineapples.

So stand tall, grab yourself a princess crown from the Dollar Spot at Target and a cute welcome mat to remind your guests, while you are at it, and shine bright, you majestic being!

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