Betty Behcets is a growing platform, where people are sharing stories of disabilities, diseases and mental illnesses. These stories come from all perspectives — from people with disabilities, from patients, from family members and friends, from doctors and therapists, from educators and more. Each person has a different reason for writing. Some write to educate, to ignite change, to advocate. Others write to find a community, to let someone else know he or she is not alone, to provide empathy. Some write to inspire, to encourage, to flip a stereotype on its head, to end stigmas. Some write to say thank you, to highlight beautiful moments in life. Some write because they simply have a story to tell.

Betty Behcets, herself,  is a rare gem. But she’s still not too cool to mix and match with a CZ when the mood strikes. A 30-something gal, living on the west coast. Diagnosed with Behcet’s Disease in 2014, Betty tracks her diagnostic and treatment journey under the mask of a sassy pseudonym to create an “every man” image for her disease and other chronic illnesses. She likes to torture her live-in boyfriend with love for 90s pop music and credits him with turning her tastebuds into discerning critics and her wallet into a pit for rare ingredients. Their home kitchen is usually chosen over a night out, and their pup always gets his own plate.

Stay tuned for her journey, and a few pit stops with other chronic illness warriors along the way.


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