Guest Posts

Betty Behcet’s aims to share honest stories in a responsible and respectful way. We believe through storytelling, we can actually help people…whether it’s under our own identity or under a pseudonym, our contributors are encouraged to always “speak their truth”, in whichever way they feel most comfortable.

These guidelines are here to help make that possible. They should encourage, not hinder, you in telling your story. If you’re concerned your story wouldn’t comply with a guideline, don’t turn away; email an editor at

Criteria for Submissions

If you are a first-time or returning contributor, please read below:

Betty Behcets is a growing platform, where people are sharing stories of disabilities, diseases and mental illnesses. These stories come from all perspectives — from people with disabilities, from patients, from family members and friends, from doctors and therapists, from educators and more.

Each person has a different reason for writing. Some write to educate, to ignite change, to advocate. Others write to find a community, to let someone else know he or she is not alone, to provide empathy. Some write to inspire, to encourage, to flip a stereotype on its head, to end stigmas. Some write to say thank you, to highlight beautiful moments in life. Some write because they simply have a story to tell.

  1. Download the Guest Contributor agreement from my GoogleDrive, sign and return with your submission.
  2. Returning contributors who wish to submit on a regular basis, must contact us for an updated agreement and NDA form.
  3. Include at least one photo with each post. We can use a stock photo if you prefer.
  4. If you’d like to submit a video, please follow these instructions.
  5. Include a brief bio (1-4 sentences) and a photo for your profile.
  6. Include your home address if you’re comfortable with that. (Occasionally we like to send things to our contributors. We won’t share or sell this without your permission.)
  7. We also accept previously published blog posts. In this case, please include the link as well as the entire story (and let us know that you retain author rights over this story and the ability to publish it elsewhere).
  8. Send all questions to


Please note that we do edit stories and their titles for length, clarity and our own editorial guidelines. For example, this might mean your title will be changed or certain language will be removed. If we feel we’ve made significant enough changes or altered your original tone, we’ll run it by you first. We never want to misrepresent your voice or message.

Also, unfortunately, we can’t publish every story or blog post that we receive. We have a small editorial team currently, but we hope to one day have a spot for every story we receive on the site. Your stories have so much value.

By submission of your story or media, you hereby comply to the Terms and Conditions of,, and all applicable local and national law.