Dear Behcet’s: 05.08.2017

Sharing my disease and all it's frustrations, is not always an easy task. I remember joining several support groups online and having radio silence for months before posting. People like me. People who laugh, cry and scream about the one thing we all have in common: Behcet's. Sure, I found some I had more in … Continue reading Dear Behcet’s: 05.08.2017


Dear Behcet’s 01.10.2017

Dear Behshits, This is seriously one of the lowest points in my life. I have $4 in my bank, plus stray change in my car. I can't even buy food or gas. I'm living back home with my parents...something that has not happened for at least five years. And they're supporting me...which is a tremendous … Continue reading Dear Behcet’s 01.10.2017

Dear Behcet’s 8.14.2016

One of my favorite ways to get the frustrations out of dealing with Behcet's is via a Facebook group called "Dear Behcet's". Unlike other support groups, there is no talk of symptoms, medications or pictures of ulcers. The only rule is that if you have something negative to say about Behcet's Disease, you put it … Continue reading Dear Behcet’s 8.14.2016

Dear Behcet’s, I Loathe You So.

I can not tell you how essential my finding support groups for Behcet's Disease has been. I was semi-diagnosed by a nurse practitioner at a sliding scale clinic for uninsured patients circa 2009. I'd done the classic Google and WebMD searches and BD had come up as a result...but who would really think that was … Continue reading Dear Behcet’s, I Loathe You So.