Daily Hero Posts

Would you like to see your shiny happy face on Betty Behcets? Here’s how you do it!

Here’s how to be our daily hero:

We love to hear your story in full. When did your symptoms first begin?  How did your symptoms affect your every-day life? What sort of doctors did you see? What sort of exams did you have?

How and when were you diagnosed—and with what? Is there a treatment or cure for your condition? Have you gone through any therapies or clinical trials? What is the outlook for the future?

How does your condition impact your day to day life? Are there any really entertaining parts to your disease? And lastly—what sort of advice do you have for other patients who may be going through a similar diagnostic journey? Tell us your mantra or what keeps you going strong, we want to hear it!

Or maybe you just want to share an exciting event in your journey. Did you finally complete that fitness class you’ve been eyeing or make it back to work after being disabled for a while? Maybe you just held a fundraiser for your cause and came out big!

However you did it. Whoever helped you, we want to hear it!

Please email bettybehcets@gmail.com with your story and a 400×400 photo to accompany it.

Similar rules for our Daily Hero apply to our Guest Blogging Posts. You can read those here.

We can’t wait to celebrate YOU!



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